Tabletop Precise 20" x 24" 80W LED UV Exposure Unit

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Tabletop Precise 20" x 24" 80W LED UV Exposure Unit
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High efficiency 20" x 24" UV LED Exposure unit Screen Printing Equipment

UV LED Exposure unit Screen Printing Equipment
Max.exposing area/Max screen size: 20.4" x 24"(52 x 61 cm)
The depth of the unit:1.6"(4 cm)
Voltage (single phase ): 220V or 110V
PLC controlled panel
Light source: LED ultraviolet light source
Exposure time: 40-70 seconds
Time control: 0-999s
Power of lamps: 80W (8x10w UV LED-light)
wavelength: 395NM
Angle of diffusion: 120
Distance between strips and glass:3.5"/90mm
Net Weight: 30kg

The LED exposure unit is used in the filed of plate-making such as pad plate, screen plate,
hot stamper plate,resin plate.when you put the film onto the plate into UV LED exposure machine, start it,the emulsion on the plate will appear a unseen imagine.this is important process on all plate-making technology.

Adopting high efficiency UV LED light source,which save 50% electricity than ordinary model.
PLC controlled panel, very easy to operate.
Automatic memory function for working as original seting next time
Perfect exposure effect because of LED light.
Fast exposure time,about 40-70 seconds.
Energy saving and environment friendly.
Stable exposure quality,more lifetime.
Durable and beautiful with steel coat.
Outside connecting power plug,safety and convenience.
Easy to transport,LED light is not fragile in delivery.


Packing size:30 x 29.5 x 9.5 inch /77 x 75 x 24 cm
Gross weight:70.4 lb /32 kg

Screen printing solution:

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The Manual of the Vacuum LED UV Exposure Unit 

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