Qomolangma 63" Full - Auto Wide Format Hot Laminator, Get Free Cold Laminating Film

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Qomolangma 63" Full - Auto Wide Format Hot Laminator, Get Free Cold Laminating Film
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Qomolangma 63" New Type Full - auto Wide Format Hot / Cold Laminator

Purchasing this cold hot laminator, it is recommended to buy the cold laminating film together.
1. 54" x 50yd Roll Glossy Cold Laminating Film (Monomeric 3.15 mil, Paper Adhesive Glue)
2. 54" x 50yd Roll Satin Cold Laminating Film (Monomeric 3.15 mil, Paper Adhesive Glue) 
3. 60" x 50yd Roll Glossy Cold Laminating Film (Monomeric 3.15 mil, Paper Adhesive Glue) 
4. 60" x 50yd Roll Satin Cold Laminating Film (Monomeric 3.15 mil, Paper Adhesive Glue)

 54" (1.37m) Matte Floor Laminating Film 3" Core Anti-slip Pressure Sensitive Lamination Film, UL410

Used for:
This new model cold / hot laminator can be widely used for pre - masking vinyl graphic, mount prints on substrate, over laminating inkjet prints and so on.
Lamination gives your materials a finished, professional look of quality that can really drive business. By giving your materials a higher quality look, in gloss, satin or matte finish, lamination services will improve your business image and help bring in more sales leads. Interested in adding lamination services to your business plan? Look no further! The laminator is here.

• Full - auto hot / cold laminator machine.
• Cabinet frame, all - metal casing shell, more stable working performance.
• Membrane control panel, and raise roller up by hands.
• 4.7" bigger rollers for best quality laminating control.
• High quality silicon rubber rollers, mounting up to 35mm (1.38 inches) in thickness.
• Maximum laminating width – 1600mm (63 inches).
• The laminating - supporting roller and stripping roller are equipped with forelocks associating with standard 3 - inch paper rolls.
• With functions of single sided hot or cold laminating, low temperature heat assistant cold laminating, mounting.
• Maximum Roller Temperature: 120C (248F) (Default max temp.)
• Alarm Temperature: 150C (302F)
• Foot switch controls for hands free operation.
• Variable laminating speed up to 18 feet / minute.
• Edge guides for straight feeding of material.
• Simple and easy to use control panel, easy load film supply shafts.
• Fuse - less design with internal breaker box.
• Main roller sensor safety system, emergency stop override button.

• This hot cold laminator of cold / hot laminator is our flagship model of our private label laminator line. This is a true professional level laminator. 
• Three additional media rollers allow you to switch media types seamlessly and with minimal effort. 
• What is truly unique about this hot cold laminator is its fuse - less design. No one wants to hunt down an obscure fuse when they have prints to laminate.
• High value - added products - Capable of running a wider range of media and can generate higher process speeds.
• Roll to Roll operation - Taking up and rolling liner paper and picture automatically by one person. Reducing labor cost and improving quality! 
• High release silicone rollers, easy cleaning. Equipped with optical sensor and emergency stops for safety operation.

• This machine has feature sets and dependability that rivals any premier laminator on the market, at a much lower cost. 
• High laminating efficiency, high - yield, long service life, low maintenance and labor costs
• Good color reducibility and light transmittance, free of bubbles and snowflake point!
• Just about 8mins to laminate one roll of 50 meters film! You can laminate 50m (164 feet) without shifting.
• The weakness of bubble, slivering and bad coverage in traditional cold lamination could be avoided at temperature of 40 - 50 degree.
• This intelligent feature assists in the adhesive activation of pressure sensitive laminates for a smooth, clear, error free finish and is guaranteed to shorten laminate cure times. 
• This hot cold laminator continues to save your time with its specially designed, easy to use control panel and its convenient waste paper take-up roller. Lamination has never been so quick and easy. 

Membrane control panel                       Circuit breaker: safety production switch

3" core auto - grip rollers for easy laminating film setup Adopt new-style aluminum alloy supporting shaft, which is easy to assemble and disassemble and can be used in exchange. The prints rewind shaft is linked with motor and the unwind shaft is not. All of the shafts are equipped with tension brake system and are eligible for speed adjustment. High quality pentanenitrile rubber roller, 120mm (4.7 inch diameter). Generally speaking, the lifespan of a roller is about 4 - 5 years or longer. The roller is the key component of a laminator and it directly affects the quality of lamination, so it is critical to give good care and maintenance to the roller.                                               

The laminator is equipped with photoelectric safety switch to avoid external objects from entering the rollers.                                                                                                         

Panel for covering the picture. Working table with ruler, this machine’s table is very even. The feed table is more stable, and the laminating effective is better.

Emergency stop switch: In cases of emergency pressing the red button can shut off the electric and the rollers will be stopped. Pedal switch: By using the foot pedal switch, we can make the glued roller jogging and free our hands to work well when laminating.                                                          

Pre-laminating After laminating

Cold lamination principle

Hot lamination principle

Tips for laminating: 
• When working on the first picture, please have someone held the edge of the material to avoid it slipping through the bottom roller.
• To avoid tilted laminating, please ensure a right tangle between the picture and the work panel.
• Two methods should be taken to adjust the tilted laminating if operating properly:
(1) Reduce the pressure of one side of tilted roller (please refer to Adjusting the Pressure of the Rollers on User Manual).
(2) Increase the pressure to press the tilted picture during the laminating. 
• This hot cold laminator is very important to keep the proper friction for the supporting-roller, collecting cover paper roller, supporting picture roller and the roller for collecting picture.
• Keep the proper friction for the roller to avoid wrinkling.
• The main rollers are the crucial parts of the machine. They directly relates to the output quality of lamination. Please make maintenance regularly.  
• Lift the top roller after lamination to avoid long-time pressing of the rollers to improve their lifetime.
• Clean the rollers regularly to prevent a build-up of adhesive residue. They may affect the lamination quality.
• Remove the adhesive residue by a piece of flannelette with alcohol or special adhesive remover. Gasoline is prohibited from applying. 
• When cutting the images, make sure the knife will not scratch the rollers.

Mounting up to 35mm (1.38 inches) in thickness. Mounting up to 25mm (1 inch) in thickness.

Cabinet frame, all - metal casing shell, more stable working performance. This machine is ideal for business that are looking to build in extra capacity and more versatility. Stand frame construction, it is stable. A perfect fit for entry level customer, who is looking for an affordable and professional cold laminator for their projects.

Quality Report:



Model FMJ-1600-RFZ-D

Maximum Laminating Width

1600mm (63")

Maximum Laminating Thickness

35mm (1.38")

Heated Roller


Maximum Roller Temperature

120℃ (248F) (Default max temp.)

Alarm Temperature

150℃ (302F)

Laminating Speed

0-6m (236") / min

Motor Forward / Reverse


Foot Pedal


Emergency Stops


Safety Photocell


Auto Rewind Liner Pickup


After Laminating Pickup


Roller’s Diameter

120mm (4.7")

Media Core Size


Motor Power


Heating Power


Power Supply

AC 110V, 60Hz

Wooden Box: There is total one wooden box. 

Machine Dimension
1973mm x 670mm x 1230mm (78" x 26" x 48")
Machine Weight
520lb (260kg)
Fumigation free package
Packing Size
2090mm x 770mm x 1450mm (82" x 30" x 57")
Gross Weight
640lb (320kg)

Packing List

Whole machine
Users’ manual
Placket spanner
12 x 14
Placket spanner
14 x 17
Inside hexagon spanner
Inside hexagon spanner
Cross screwdriver
Slotted screwdriver
Foot switch
Large - sized
Hull-bar fastener
Spring tablet
Spare-heating tube
Brush of temperature feeling
Safety tube
Cutter paper


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