Qomolangma 86" Full-auto Wide Format Liquid Laminator

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Qomolangma 86" Full-auto Wide Format Liquid Laminator
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Support Roll To Roll Operation.
Mainly used for roll to roll coating of vinyl, banner, canvas etc.
This series of liquiq laminator is widely used in the post-production of outside/inside advertisement and vehicle body advertisement.
Available size in 63.0" (1600mm), 78.7" (2000mm), 86.6" (2200mm) width.

Coating process

Products Highlights:
• This liquid laminator has both drying system and cooling system, which make the coating film from `liquid` state to solid state. After laminating, the media can be crack resist, more flexible, UV protection, scratch resist etc.
• 61", 76", 83" Maximum working film width for your option.
• Easy operation panel:
Dryer, fan, motor, pump button
Various speed and temperature adjustment
Temperature indication
Emergency Stop Button
• Compatible with most roll-to-roll solvent, eco-solvent and pigmented inkjet printers, this liquid laminator protect inkjet graphics on vinyl, PSA, non-porous textiles, wet strength wall covering, canvas and other flexible substrates.
• Liquid film is formed directly on the picture surface, and the film thickness is up to the size of Mayer bar. You can change the Mayer bar to increase film thickness according to requirement.
• Has both flash drying system and cooling system, which make the coating film from `liquid` state to solid state, especially for hard-to-dry inks.
• The liquid laminator is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Coating costs range from $0.25 to $0.32 per sqm, depending on application and coating used.
• Easy to operate and clean, requires minimal operator training.

The series liquid laminator is one kind of after printing equipments, it is applicable to outdoor advertisements (printed by solvent ink).
Detailed pictures:

Liquid film tube Liquid film tank
Control panel Liquid film status lights
Mayerbar  Laminator showroom


Max. Coating Width
Max. Laminating Thickness
Max. Laminating Speed
Laminating Temperature
100-130 degree
Max. Heating Temperature
150 degree
Forward / Reverse
Emergency Stops
After Laminating Pickup
Heating Power
Film Supply Mode
Magnetic suspension liquid pump, circulation supply
Heating Method
Infrard heating lamp
Motor Power
Power Supply
380V/3P 50/60Hz 16A 220V/1P 50/60Hz 35A
Machine Weight
Machine Dimension
Fumigation free package
Packing Size
Gross Weight

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