FAQ for APM-MS Series HHO Gas Water Hydrogen Welder Polisher

The hydrogen is up to now the most cleanest and environmental fuel gas in the world and, for the 21st century, the human being will definitely enter the era of environmental hydrogen energy.

The features of HHO Gas Water Hydrogen Welder Polisher
Zero C-H-O (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) flame, high temperature fine flame, environmental, safe, easy in use, and reliable in performance.

1. Question: Why is the water hydrogen flame machine also called flame polishing machine? 
Answer: It is an integrated machine of utilizing the principle of electrolytic water to generate oxyhydrogen and ignite the mixed gas of oxyhydrogen to produce high temperature open fire. The surface of plexiglass gets melted meeting the fire then becomes smooth like polished. Hence, it is called the flame polishing machine. The precise and safe oxyhydrogen flame solves the difficulty of impossible polishing concave surface. 
According to different applications and industries, this machine also has other special names.
Oxy-hydrogen generator is also called brown gas generator, Acrylic Polishing Machine, Water Welding Machine, or HHO gas generator, which is able to separate clean soft water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen gases, using a small amount of electric power through water electrolysis. These gases are then mixed and delivered for wide use, such as welding, flame polishing, heating etc to replace use of LPG or other gas for fuel.
For welding, it featured low cost, welding fact, safety and low energy consumption.

2. Question: What is 2 2 Gas Torches or several 2 Gas Torches?
Answer: One machine can provide two pieces or more pieces of nozzle guns to use independently. Normally, the machine which can generate gas more than 80L/hour is able to support two or more pieces. 

3. Question: Why do people say that the water hydrogen flame machine is environmental product?
Answer: This is because the combustion of the oxyhydrogen gas generated by the electrolyte is the water vapour, and the oxyhydrogen gas has no toxicity and smell to human, and no harm to the environment too. In contrary, the petrol, coal gas, liquefied gas, etc. are harmful and its combustion is also harmful to human and environment. Therefore, the electrolytic liquid oxyhydrogen flame polishing machine is the most ideal environmental hydrogen equipment.

4. Question: Is the water hydrogen flame machine really that simple to use electricity and water only?
Answer: For first time run, it requires adding electrolyte but the machine actually consumes the normal water only. So the user just needs to add cold boiled water or tap water in generation condition and of course the distilled water is better. But in the industry of plexiglass, in order to make better polishing effect or different requirements to the flame temperatures, sometimes it should add other chemical additives, such as ethyl alcohol.

5. Question: How is the safety of Water Hydrogen Flame Welding and Polishing Machine?
Answer: Very safe. Although the mixture gas of oxyhydrogen is a dangerous gas, but since the machine is designed with automatic control that to use while generating gas with multiple levels of backfire-proof configuration, hence it is very safe.
The machine body with blast-proof thickness design can ensure the safety of user.
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