How to Identify Different HHO Gas Water Hydrogen Welder Polisher

Choosing a machine is like buying a farm cattle for which you aim for product benefit. Hence it is quite necessary for the users to know how to identify different features of similar machines before selection. For the professional users, it could be easier through comparing the technical parameters, while for the new users who have never operated such machines could be lost without confidence, however, plus some of the manufacturers mis-mark the technical information. So for users, except searching information on the internet, it is better to obtain some knowledge for identification, then through practice and comparison to be aware of know-how and confident.

No.1: Comparison of Actual Flame Power
 1. Whether possible to ignite within 2 minutes after turning on the machine, the shorter time the faster gas generated by machine. And then, turn on to the maximal flame and see how long and stable to maintain how big the flame. After actual operation, the user can sense whether the machine suitable for using. The maximal flame of a machine attributes to its power, there is a certain limit, and as a result, the more volume of gas generated, the stronger flame it gives. For requirement of larger and faster polishing, the user should choose bigger power of machine, and for the smaller polishing with occasional demand, can choose the cheaper one with less gas but reliable.
2. The longer sized flame signifies sufficient fire it gives, and the higher polishing efficiency it provides. This is suitable for larger area polishing with high efficiency. If the flame is thin and shorter, it means there is not enough fire, the flame will scan smaller area and leave tack and result low efficiency which is generally attributed by the small machine with less power and gas. Normally, the flame can reach 5 cm long that satisfies common requirements. For different work pieces, the user shall choose related machines with correspondent power and flame. As for the very thin acrylic, please don’t use bigger fire.
3. See the machine whether can continuously run long time (it is allowed to add water on the way). The electrolytic tank of some machines will boil and appear steaming after running few hours, hence it results the flame changing into yellow and red color, and can’t continue using. In fact, this is a technical defect from production. 
4. The bluer color the flame becomes the better polishing effect of organic glass it appears. Generally speaking, the power of advertising machines should be more than 300W and the gas production should be more than 50L/hour, and then can satisfy the making requirement of common crystal letters. The bigger gas generated, the larger fire given.
5. For the actual size of fire (the gas volume generated), the user can use water draining method to compare and get the accurate measurement. Find a cola bottle and fill up with water then turn it upside down and place into a barrel filled with water, connect hose with the Flame Gun. Turn on the machine and see how long time the water will be drained off the bottle for test. Take 500ml cola bottle for example, the water was drained off the bottle within 10 seconds, so the actual Output Gas of polishing machine is 0.5L*60S/10S*60S=180L/H.
No.2: Comparison on Material Cost & Internal Structure
1. The power supply is made of common transformer or higher frequency power switch. The common transformer is big in size and heavy in weight, and consumes more in power, to its contrary, it gives less generation of gas; And for the same power, and the common transformers generate half gas less. Therefore, the power is big or small is relevant. No matter what kind of power supply, the bigger in power, the higher in cost, and relevantly the more gas generated. The high frequency power is the tendency.
2. Whether the stainless steel structure of electrolytic cylinder tank is single or double. Commonly, the bigger volume in size, the thicker stainless steel cylinder tank in thickness and heavier in weight, and naturally the cost is higher as well; hence the double electrolytic tank is obviously bigger in volume of gas generation. The electrolytic tank has a certain lifespan, and the better quality of material, the higher cost; The thicker in thickness, the heavier in weight, and the more beneficiary in lifespan for users. For the manufacturers, the stainless steel cylinder costs more, but for users, the longer lifespan and durable are the points. There are different sizes of stainless steel with big different prices, BUT, if the electrolytic tank is made of common steel instead of stainless steel, it is definitely the inferior quality of product. The liquid easily becomes dirty or polluted which is caused by the poor quality of electrolytic tank material. 
3. Whether there is a safe design of advanced auto pressure controller, built-in safety gas leakage valve, backfire-proof fitting, etc. The safety fittings increase the cost but they are all very important. However, among all, the function of pressure controller stays the most important role, and the different pressure controllers appear various in cost.
4. The material types and thickness of internal electrolytic tank inside machine are also the key factors attributing to its durability and lifespan.
5. Further, its weight, material type, power consumption size and electrolytic liquid volume quantity all together can help user estimate the machine cost.
No.3: Comparison of Appearance
1. The external cover is whether fabricated by mould, how the precision is, whether its materials made of stainless steel, as well as whether done spray-paint or spray-paint plastic. Obviously, the stainless steel is the most ideal material, and the spray-paint plastic is relatively corrosion resistant.
2. Whether its surface is installed with barometer (our factory applies a quakeproof pressure gauge which is made of stainless steel), electrolytic current indicator, external multifunctional gas storage tank, and other testing or safety devices, etc., as well as whether there is liquid outlet in the bottom. All these devices are also necessary.
3. The accessories, such as Oxyhydrogen Gas Torch Flame Gun whether it is changeable with bigger or small nozzle, whether there is backfire-proof (the backfire causes explosive sound and unsafe). Compare the specifications or parameters of famous brands and the warranty length, guarantee of aftersales services and so on offered.
No.4: Manual of the HHO Polishing Welding Machine attached
Check if the user manual or maintenance book is in detail and complete, and whether the machine is labeled with factory information and brand. Relatively speaking, the brand sense signifies the reliability.
No.5: Price Comparison
 The price has always been the sensitive topic and the user has to compare on comprehensive factors, such as choose the best cost performance. The most expensive one doesn’t mean the best and also may not be the most suitable. Try to learn more and compare products, then choose a machine that fits you and practical.
No.6: Consultation from Actual Users
Making consultation from actual users could be the easiest and cleverest way. 
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