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Payment Terms:
A) PayPal
We accept PayPal for the amount under USD200.
Why choose PayPal?
This is because PayPal is more fast, more safe and has no transfer charge for buyers.
Our PayPal account: payment@sign-in-global.us
Notice: Printer heads are not refundable or changeable if once in use, this policy also suits for PayPal transactions

B) TT:
Beneficiary Address: 801 S FIGUEROA ST STE 1000 LOS ANGELES CA 900175508
Account Number: 3250 7649 2217
Bank Address: 100 West 33rd Street New York NY 10001
Routing Number/ABA/Bank ID: 026009593 (Domestic Wires)
Swift Number: BOFAUS3N (International Wires)
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 801165036838

Changes and Returns:
Can I return an item if I am not satisfied with after delivery?
If you are not satisfied after receiving an item, Sign-in-Global.us promises that, within 14 days after actual delivery of such an item, youare allowed to return the item to us and get complete refund, provided the returned item does not affect its subsequent re - selling and you also undertake the charge of returning delivery.

The following situations are regarded as re - selling affected:
a) Its commodity package appears damage;
b) Its commercial label or mark are scratched or removed, the item is broken,or even the consumables along with an item are already used;
c) The original factory sealed package of the item is opened;
d) The item that was individually produced or made according to yourcustomized requirement or special instruction;
e) The non - returnable item that is indicated on our website, proforma invoice or in sales contract;
f) Other factors or reasons that may affect re - selling of such item after returning; For the item may be affected in subsequent re - selling, we will moveon the process of refund or returning based upon confirmation of mutual understanding or negotiation.

Returned purchases are invalid under the following conditions:
1) Products can still be used even though there was some damage during transportation.
2) No claim is made up to 7 days after the customer has received the products.
3) Purchase is returned because of color or bad packaging differences ( that have no effect on usage).
4) The returned purchase does not meet the conditions.

1) Returned products can only be exchanged with the same style of product, if it is out of stock, it will have to be exchanged with products of the same value.
2) Returned products should be undamaged and in their original packaging.
3) Please provide the following information when returning the products: products’ names or codes, the problems encountered, and your order record.
4) Transportation fee should be equally covered by both sides.

Returning Procedure:
If a serious problem is found within 7 days of receiving the products, you should contact Customer Service and a representative will help you find a solution in 2 working days.

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