12mm DC5V Waterproof RGB Pixel LED Module String

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12mm DC5V Waterproof RGB Pixel LED Module String
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Product Description
Colorful LED string lights XQD-8MM-LP-1RGBW-5P

Product Features:

1) LED string lights, give full play to the advantages of LED light source, any combination of the LED luminous characters outside, outdoor LED advertising signs, LED electronic light box made easier.
2) After the special bayonet design, drilling directly install, quick installation time.
3) Various sheet can be used (such as electrolytic plate, aluminum plate, iron, stainless steel, etc.).
4) Its red, yellow,  white. blue, green Taiwan wafer chip,with wide brightness gallium strong, light color consistency, good color saturation, long life, low attenuation characteristics, to ensure product quality in Taiwan.
5) The use of the parallel connection, breaking the traditional "one does not light, all lights neither bright " shortcomings.

Product Specifications:
1) Voltage: DC5V
2) Power: 0.3W / pc
3) Working temperature: -40 ℃ -80 ℃
4) Aperture: 12MM
5) Anti-attenuation: 1000 hours 3% -5%
6) Waterproof grade: IP65
7) Case Material: Transparent PVC
8) Color: Colorful gradual, transition
9) Viewing angle: 90-180
10) Packing: Chain of 50pcs of LED

How to use:
According to the wiring diagram, two-pin plug connection DC 5V power line, then positive +, - then negative. Four-pin plug connected LED module, V connection module positive (white line), R pick red, G take the Green Line, B take the blue line. 5V power supply is turned on, the LED module start automatically transform. The controller has a variety of patterns and changes in the rate of change, long press (more than two seconds) mode select button to change the change mode, short press (less than one second) mode selection button to change the speed of change. The controller has a memory function, power on again after power failure mode and speed can be maintained before the power failure.

LED light strings do with outdoor light word, outdoor signs but also highlight the brand and fashion, greatly enhance the business size and grade. Mainly used for: building roof in large letters, the hotel outdoor signs, KTV and other entertainment signs, store signs, door signs and so on.


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