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CALCA 130W Universal Fume Extractor Filter and Air Purifier 240m³/h for DTF Powder Shakers

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CALCA 130W Universal Fume Extractor Filter and Air Purifier 240m³/h for DTF Powder Shakers
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CALCA 130W Universal Fume Extractor Filter and Air Purifier 240m³/h for DTF Powder Shakers
The CALCA fume extractor is designed to provide additional protection via fume extraction: the pre-filter and filter capture the particles while the gas filter captures odors.

The new compact CALCA JS50 smoke filter is specially designed for the smoke filtration requirements of small and medium sized powder shaker (such as A3 and 24in) and other equipment. It makes good use of internal oil and smoke filter bin, which prevents environmental pollution. It is usually used to deal with the smoke extract and filtration tasks of equipment such as small powder shaker (such as A3 powder shaker). Universal design, connect the hose, open and use, very convenient.
Applications: be used for A3 or 24in powder shakers.

Rated Voltage: AC 110V ± 5%
Rated Current: 1.2A
Rated Power: 130W
Energy consumption: 60~130W
Max air amount: 240m³/h
Noise: ≤ 65db
Machine Size: 19.7in x 23.4in x 37.5in (500mm x 596mm x 953mm)
Machine Weight: 149.9lbs (68kg)
Package Size: 26.8in x 24.8in x 42.5in (680mm x 630mm x 1080mm)
Gross Weight: 194lbs (88kg)
Warranty: 2-year warranty on this Fume Extractor.
Package Includes:
• 1 x Fume Extractor
• 2 x Extraction pipes
• 1 x Activated carbon filter (Installed in the machine)
• 1 x Power cord
• 1 x Filter element (Installed in the machine)
• 1 set screws
• 1 x User manual

1. The components used in the CALCA fume extractor are of high quality, the filter element is thicker, the filtration capacity is stronger, and the product is more durable
2. The CALCA fume extractor achieves the separation of oil fume. Compared with the common fume extractor on the market, which only uses the filter element to forcefully absorb the oil pollution, the filtering will be cleaner and the effect will be better.
The oil here refers to glycerin. At present, DTF PET film and DTF TPU powder contains glycerin. Therefore, a good shaker will dry the glycerin, otherwise the glycerin contained in the hot stamping on the clothes is not washable and easy to fall off. Moreover, the filter element of the general filter element is not resistant to oil and the filter element will fail soon. Our filter is specially for dtf dust, the filter life is 3-5 times longer. Recommended for customers to use.

WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment when working with DTF products and processes as fumes may be hazardous.

Remarks: In order to achieve better smoke removal effect, it is recommended that the activated carbon be replaced every 3months and the filter element be replaced every 6 months. Drain the oil at the drain port once every 3 days.

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