CALCA UV/UVDTF Ink For Epson Printheads, Bottle of 1L, For Crystal Label Sticker Printing

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CALCA UV/UVDTF Ink For Epson Printheads, Bottle of 1L, For Crystal Label Sticker Printing
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CALCA UV/UVDTF Ink For Epson Printheads, Bottle of 1L, For Crystal Label Sticker Printing
CALCA UV / UVDTF ink that is engineered for use in Epson based UV engines and best suited for hard substrates. It has excellent scratch resistance and adhesion to a variety of thermoplastic products.
It the best choice for UV substrate printing and for UVDTF printing as well, colors are vibrant and bright, durable and intense in color output.

Main Features:
>High color density
>Wide color gamut
>High durability
I>nstant drying
>VOC free and environmental friendly
>Superior scratch resistance

32oz (1L) / Bottle (Available in C M Y K W Varnish color)
Works great in Epson XP-600 and i3200-U1 printheads.

– Don't store at freezing or high temperatures.
– Keep in a cool and dry place not to exceed 75℉ (24℃). Keep from freezing. Do not store in open, unlabeled, or mislabeled.
– Keep out of direct sunshine.
– Avoid contact with eyes/skin and keep out of children.
WARNING: Work in a well ventilated area and use protective equipment when working with DTF products and processes as fumes may be hazardous. DTF inks and film require a good humidity environment - over 40% humidity is highly recommended to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling.

Advantages of UV DTF:
UV DTF can save time and cost, don't need batch typeset printing, produce at any time, saving time;
No quantity requirement, even 1 piece also can be customized.
Save labor & materials, reduce manufacturing cost.
No need for batch typesetting and printing, production at any time, saving production time.
Waterproof, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance.
The fastness is many times higher than that of Screen Printing, no glue and no waste discharge.

UV DTF Printing Process:

A UV Flatbed Printer + a laminating machine, consumables: ink, film A and B.
Step 1. Design pattern
Use photoshop, illustrator or other software to design your pattern.
Step 2. Print pattern to A Film
Print the pattern on the uv dtf transfer film A first, and print in the order of white ink, color ink and varnish (Add a layer of varnish print for best results).
Step 3. Laminate A film to B film
After printing, B film will be automatically laminated with transfer film.
Step 4. Peel and apply
Tear off the film A and stick it directly onto your product, remove the film B, and the pattern can be easily transferred to the product.

Hard materials such as glass, leather, mobile phone case, metal, marble, acrylic, etc.
Except fabrics, almost all materials can be pasted.
The most prominent application: It can be applied to curved surfaces and surfaces with a large drop. It fully solves the limitation of UV direct spray on curved surfaces and large drop surfaces.

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