CALCA A3 11.7in x 16.5in LED UV/UVDTF Flatbed Printer wih Epson I3200-S1HD Printhead

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CALCA A3 11.7in x 16.5in LED UV/UVDTF Flatbed Printer wih Epson I3200-S1HD Printhead
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CALCA A3 11.7in x 16.5in LED UV/UVDTF Flatbed Printer wih Epson I3200-S1HD Printhead
Skilful and refined, what is shown is what you see.

√ The resolution can reach 1200 dpi, and it can produce up to 8-color output.
√ Compact, less foot print.
√ Humanized design operation panel, convenient and fast operation.
√ Various functions, support flat and roll printing.
√ Simultaneous output of white, color and varnish.
√ High precision lifting vacuum table - the flatness can be controlled within 0.1mm.
√ Intelligent ink supply system - with ink shortage alarm function. Fixture (optional)

Their are 2 optional fixtures that need to be ordered separately as below:
Roll fixture: Suitable for blanks within 11lbs (5kg) weight, from 30mm (1.1811in) to 250mm (9.8425in) width, inner core diameter of 3in.
Cylindrical fixture: Suitable for blanks within 25mm (0.9842in) to 80mm (3.1496in) diameter and 20mm(0.7874in) - 210mm (8.2677in) length.

Technical Specs:
Print size: 297 x 420mm(11.69in x 16.53in)
Print head: I3200-S1HD x 1pc
Nozzle spray force range: 2-3mm(0.0787in-0.0118in)
Number of nozzle: 3200 (Individual)
Distance between nozzles: 1/300inch
Numbers of nozzle rows: 8
Maximum number of supported ink colors: 8
Effective print width: 300npi/1 list, 600npi/2 list, 1200npi/4 list
Droplet ejection performance(Droplet volume and ejection frequency):
2 levels of grayscale 5 pl (43.2KHz)
3 levels of grayscale 6, 12.5 pl (21.6KHz)
4 levels of grayscale 3.8, 6.2, 9.3 pl (21.6KHz)
Print height: 0-85mm(0-3.34in)
Ink type: Environmental UV curing ink
Print version: White and color and varnish print as same time
Rip software: Future Rip
Print speed: 0.28-3sqm/h
Highest print solution: 720 x 1200dpi
Connection method: Network cable
Graphic format: Tiff, Jpg, Eps, Pdf, Png
Printer dimension(L x W x H): 100 x 902 x 592cm (39.37 x 35.51 x 23.31in)
Net Weight: 60kg (132.28lbs)
Packing size(L x W x H):112 x 102 x 78cm (44.09 x 40.16 x 30.71in)
Gross Weight: 80kg (176.37lbs)
Power: AC220 / AC110V, 50-60HZ, 1 phase; 140W, 1.3A(110V) / 0.6A(220V)
Working environment:Temperature:20℃-28℃(68℉-82.4℉); humidity: 35%-65%

Package Includes:
UV printer x 1
Future Rip x 1
Power cable x 1
Network cable x 1


EPSON I3200-S1HD print head - 1200 dpi reaches the highest resolution in the industry, creating excellent photo quality.                                                                   Lifting vacuum table - High-precision honeycomb hard aluminum platform, the flatness it controlled within 0.1mm.

Intelligent ink supply system - New ink cartridge design, with ink automatic circulation, ink shortage alarm function. Lifting capping station design - The motor drives the capping station to rise and fall, precisely controls the position of the carriage and better protects the head.

Multifunctional control panel - Humanized design, in line with human habits, flexible and easy to operate.  Full coverage shade cover - Light-shielding, dust-proof, touch-proof.

Handicraft industry: Earrings, bookmarks, Rubik's cube, bowling ball, fridge magnets, brooches, buttons, key-chains, pendants, small badges, small metal billboard, bottle openers, etc.

Electronics digital industry: Watches, u disk, earphones, mobile power banks, mobile phone case, tempered film, small speakers, power cords, electronic cigarettes, etc.

Stationery industry: Ballpoint pen, glass case, notebook, Pencil case, ruler, eraser, correction fluid, mouse pad, stapler, pencil, label paper, etc.

Personalized gift customization: Lithographs, art books, mobile phone case, puzzles, car accessories, stationery gift sets, gift lights, etc.

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