H-E 39 in x 15 ft 5 Mil Heat Press Cover Sheet PTFE Coated 1 Roll

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H-E 39 in x 15 ft 5 Mil Heat Press Cover Sheet PTFE Coated 1 Roll
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H-E 39 in x 15 ft 5 Mil Heat Press Cover Sheet PTFE Coated 1 Roll

• Reusable.
• Protects your iron
• Nonstick fiberglass
• Transparent.
• Size: 39 in x 15 ft (100 x 457cm)
• Use for applique, general purpose ironing and craft projects.
• Glues,paints,waxes,clay and interfacing will not stick to the sheet.
• Clean by wiping with wet or dry cloth.
Size: 39 in x 15 ft (100 x 457cm)
Nominal Thickness: 5 Mil (0.125mm)
Weight (g/m2): 250
PTFE Content: 58%
Tensile Strength (N/50mm): 1100
Notes: Standard
Packing Size: 1000mm x 80mm x 80mm (39.4in x 3.15in x 3.15in)
Gross Weight: 2kg (4.4lbs)

Warm Tips: We will ship the color at random, dark brown or beige.

Teflon sheet is used commonly when using a heat press to transfer designs onto fabric. It prevents ink from staining and transfers from sticking to the heat plate. Telfon eliminates scorching on products. It can help to prevent the ghosting effect often created by the paper sliding across the shirt during the lifting of the plate. It is used as a weight, keeping the transfer paper in place to ensure perfect results!

- Teflon sheet for heat transfer printing.
- Heat sealing plastic film
- Reusable laminating press release sheets (Solar laminator release)
- FDA compliant for food processing, packing and handling
- Tray lining for non-stick baking and drying
- Blister pack for covers
- Covering the sealing surface on polyethylene bag-making equipment
- Release liner in bonding process
- Chemically inert Gaskets/seals/diaphragms


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