50x50mm Round Corner Hand Held ID Card License Photo Picture Punch Cutter

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50x50mm Round Corner Hand Held ID Card License Photo Picture Punch Cutter
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• Hand held.
 Cutting photos for smaller sizes.
 No rough edges on the finished products.
 Customized sizes are welcome.

This photo cutter series can cut photo within the scope of 1 to 3 inch. It has correct and convenient orientation. There are no rough edges on the finished products. As an ideal tool of cutting all kinds of photos, it is convenient to carry and proves efficiency. 


Photo Cutter Cutter Knife
Application Specially for cutting photo paper. It can cut paper, photo, KT board, etc.
Convenient It’s convenient to cut without other tools. It need to use together with ruler.
Efficient It’s high efficient to use the photo cutter. You just press the handle that you can get the photo you want. It’s slower because it need the ruler to cut or it can not cut with straight line.
Cutting Effect There are no rough edges on the cut photos. It’s easy to make rough edges.

Warm Tips:
• This photo cutter is suitable for cutting the photo paper with the thickness between 150g-200g. It will get not very good effect when the thickness is out of the range of 150g-200g and the photo is laminated film.

The photo cutter is used for cutting photos, such as ID card photo, photo for driver s license, photo for passport, etc.
For applications including
Brazil - Visa
Bolivia - Passport
Canada - Visa
China - Visa
India - OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India)
Israel - Passport
Indonesia - Via
Jamaica - Passport
Korea - Visa
Malaysia - Passport
Peru - Passport
South Africa - Passport
Thailand - Passport
USA - ID, Passport, Drivers License, Visa
Venezuela - Passport


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Packing Details:
Packing Size: 250 x 100 x 80mm
Gross Weight: 0.7kg


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