2030 UV Flatbed Printer

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2030 UV Flatbed Printer
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This is a 2*3m Ricoh Head UV flatbed printer. It can be printed directly on hard materials such as KT board, sun board, PVC board, wood board acrylic, steel plate, etc.
Rigid: Glass, metal, ceramic tile, acrylic, Plexiglas, wood, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, foam board, composited panel, plywood, PVC, MDF, WPC, ABS, PP sheet and etc.
Flexible: Fabric, canvas, leather, vinyl, paper and etc.


Product Highlights:
1. Use environmentally friendly UV inks to promote environmental initiatives promoted by the state
2. The print media used is more extensive and is not limited by material coating
3. Vibrant color, Strong weather resistance
4. Dry without drying time
5. Rapid prototyping with cutting machine
6. Aluminum alloy printing platform & vacuum system
Aluminium alloy hard anodizing/ High hardness / Scratch resistance / Deformation resistance / high precision, flatness up to      ±0.05mm
Independen At four vacuum area with adjustable vacuum power
Turn on/ off relative vacuum according to media size and position.
Adjustable vacuum power according to media type.
7. Advanced design
Reinforced beam to achieve stable reciprocating motion of the carriage, no vibration in the fuselage, ensuring accurate placement of the ink dots.
High-precision left and right double screw poles, support high-speed media feeding, realize vertical high-precision movement and accurate ink spot.
8. Mute design
Thicker belt, high precision, mute.
Mute trailer.
Dual 2.0cm width mute THK guide rails.
9. White-skip function
The carriage movement only covers the ink area, and automatically skips the white area.
Moves quickly to the print base point.
Save printing time and increase printing speed.
In the case of print color bars, white-skip function is invalid.
10. Stable ink supply system
Automatic ink alarm system to detect residual ink with flashing light and buzzer alarm.
Constant temperature control for 2nd ink tank in carriage ensures more fluent ink flow.
White ink mixing system, white ink channel independent negative pressure management, ink barrel equipped with high-power stirring motor, deep mixing mechanical structure design, real-time white ink even mixing, highly solves the problem of white ink blocking the print head.
Integrated head cleaning based on gravity ink droplet flow, saving ink.
11. User-friendly design
Grille cleaning unit to avoid cleaning ink splash.
Drawer type ink storage design makes it easier to refill and replace ink
Headboard side-mounted installation, easy maintenance, good heat dissipation
12. Optional configuration
Optional anti-static bar can be used to eliminate static electricity. Achieve precise placement of ink dots.
Anti-pinch infrared light is security guarantee for your hand.
Optional metal encoder strip helps for more stable and accurate carriage horizontal movement.


Applicable material:

Notice: The price is for 3 Ricoh printheads UV printer in local Los Angeles. 




Head Type


Head Number


Printing Size (W*D)


Printing Technology

Gray scale piezoelectric inkjet technology

Printing Resolution

V720*600dpi,V720*900dpi,V720*1200dpi etc

Ink Type


Ink Color


Media Thickness


Color Control

ICC standard,ajudtment of ICC and density


Photoprint(ONYX,Calder RIP, Color GET Optional)


Temperature:18℃-26℃, Humidity:30%-75%(RH)

Power Consumption

Printing mode:5000W Sleep mode:600W


Printer body: 3960(L)x2220(W)x930(H)(Unit:mm)


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