1500W 25in x 33in Screen Room Drying Cabinet,2 Layers

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1500W 25in x 33in Screen Room Drying Cabinet,2 Layers
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1500W 25in x 33in Screen Room Drying Cabinet,2 Layers

The Drying Cabinet is important equipment in plate-macking,
it is used to dry the screen plate after emulsion coated or after washing screen plate.

Number of layer: 2 pcs
Max frame size:25in x 33in(840mm x 640mm)
Max temperature:212℉(100℃)
Voltage: 220v/110v,single phase
Power: 1500w
Machine size:39.4in x 25.8in x 10in(1000mm x 655mm x 255mm)
Package size:41.7in x 28.3in x 13.8in(1060mm x 720mm x 350mm)

1.Double screen to show time and temperature,seting them separately
2.Intelligent temperature controller,the max temperature is 212℉(100℃)
3.Smart design for cabinet is good sealing,and save shipping cost.
4.2 big size trayers are enough for 25in x 33in screen,more cost-effective.
5.Adopting high efficient heating system,heating fast and even.



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