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CALCA 24 Pack 16oz Clear Glass Sublimation Blanks Beer Steins Mug with White Patch, Thick Glass Beer Mug Blanks

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CALCA 24 Pack 16oz Clear Glass Sublimation Blanks Beer Steins Mug with White Patch, Thick Glass Beer Mug Blanks
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CALCA 24 Pack 16oz Clear Glass Sublimation Beer Steins with White Patch, Thick Glass Beer Mug Blanks
Clear glass beer steins are classic and sturdy, made from thick transparent glass prepared for sublimation printing. The transparency of the material will give any colored design a subtle effect that can change depending on what liquid is inside the stein. Restaurants, bars and private parties can all benefit from custom beer steins!

Clear glass beer steins coated for sublimation printing
Brand: CALCA
Capacity: 16oz. (473 ml)
Stein Size: 5.9in (15cm) H, 2.95in (7.5cm) D, 3.35in (8.5cm) Handle height
Pressing Size: 6.81in x 3.23in (17.3cm x 8.2cm) white patch
Thickness: 0.157in (0.4cm)
For use with a Mug Press
Color: Clear
Substrate Material: Thick glass
Finish: Gloss
Print Applications: Dye-Sublimation
Package: 24pcs
Packing Size: 14.6in x 11.4in x 16.5in (37cm x 29cm x 42cm)
Gross Weight: 34.2lbs (15.5kg)

Note: For best results we highly recommend pre pressing the mug for 10-15 seconds.
Temperature and time settings are only a guide, please test in your press machine for accurate time and temperature.
Use a Mug Press
Referential Press Temprature: 356°F (180℃)
Time: 100 Seconds
Pressure: Medium/Firm
Attach sublimation transfer paper with image printed in reverse to the stein with thermal tape.
Place beer stein in press at the press temperature, and close the element around the stein.
Press for the specified time above needed using specified pressure.
If the image begins to look blurry, or burnt brown by over-pressing, decrease time by 15 - 30 seconds.
Once done, remove the stein from the press and remove the transfer paper immediately.
Allow the stein to cool completely before use.

Warm Tips: 
1. Please allow 1-3 cm tolerance due to manual measurement.
2. In order to make the glass mug cleaner, please avoid using blurry or out of focus image, the photo should be over 2000 pixels as much as possible.
3. The color may exist slight difference due to different screen display.
4. If the sublimation paper is slow-drying and the ink is not dry before printing, or the sublimation paper is damp, the print will be blurry.
5. Use with a mug tumbler press, oven is not recommended.

STURDY AND DURABLE - Our 16oz glass stein features a durable construction, a clean and refined look, bright vibrant coloring and perfect printing. Premium glass used in the manufacturing process gives this stein a nice sturdy feel. The handle is smooth and perfectly sized for hands of all sizes.
PERFECT GIFT - This is a great opportunity to give a gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's day, Father's Day, Birthdays, or any gift giving holiday. It can be customized for groups, corporate events, bachelor or bachelorette events, parties, and more.
SAFETY FIRST - This stein is not safe for the dishwasher or the microwave. It is a hand wash only item. Look at the bright side though. When you hand wash this stein you'll have the softest hands on the block.


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