CALCA 24" x 35" Auto Fed Flatbed Digital Cutter Roll Cutter For DTF Printing Film

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CALCA 24" x 35" Auto Fed Flatbed Digital Cutter Roll Cutter For DTF Printing Film
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CALCA 24" x 35" Auto Fed Flatbed Digital Cutter Roll Cutter For DTF Printing Film
Flatbed cutter with conveyor feeding, a special purpose auto fed flatbed digital cutter for DTF industry with features optimized according to characters of material applied in the DTF field.
Super easy installation, one-key operation and high efficiency make GR6090 a right-hand man for DTF, Heat transfer apparel industries.

Spare Part Package includes:
1set x User manual
2pcs x Blade holder
6pcs x Blade
1set x Allen wrench
1pcs x Power Cable
1pcs x USB Cable
1pcs x U Disk
1pcs x SignWorkPro
1pcs x Fan with silencer

Used for fraffic signs industry, vehicle decoration, automotive aftermarket, sign makers, packaging, apparel
signing, shoes designing, bags designing, composite industry, offset printing, samples making , POP displays, and more.
It is an efficient solution of perforation cutting, half cutting, creasing, marking, etc.

Applicable Media:
Reflective sheeting, PPF, Window Tint, PPE, PET, PVC, Vinyl Sticker, etc.


The device has a CCD camera and does not have barcode scanning function. The yellow button is the standby button. If you need to scan the barcode, please contact customer service.

Model LPC-DTFC-6090F
Power Input  AC 110V, 60Hz
Power Consumption  2.2kw, 20A
Max Cutting Size  600 x 900mm
Material Thick  0.05-1.5mm
Max Cutting Speed  800mm/s
Cutting pressure  600g
Software resolution  0.025mm
Mechanical resolution  0.0125mm
Cutting pressure setting  Adjustable per 1 gram
Minimum character size  English Arabic characters are about 1-2MM
Interfaces  USB2.0 U Disk
Method to Fix Media  Vacuum Table
Cutting Force Setup  Adjustable in Every 1G
Cutter Blade Diameters  Φ2.0mm
Cutter Blade Angles  30°, 45°, 60°
Dotted Lines Cutting  Yes
Drive  AC Servo
IOS  Win10 / 8 / 7 / XP
Memory Buffer  2MB
CAD/CAM Software  Windows Driver, SignWorkPro, CADtoPlotpro
File Format  DXF, PLT, PDF, HPGL
Port in Standard  USB, RS-232
Registration Marks Recognition  CCD Camera
Cutter Holder  1
Roll Media Bracket  Yes


Packing List
Machine Dimension  1520 x 1120 x 1030mm
Net Weight  190kg
Package  Standard Wooden case for export
Package Size  1600 x 1200 x 1180mm(63" x 47" x 46")
Gross weight  280kg(617.3lb)

Manual for DTFC-6090F Series Cutter

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