A3 16.5in x 11.7in No Cut Laser Dark Heat Transfer Paper, A+B Paper (Each for 100 Sheets)

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A3 16.5in x 11.7in No Cut Laser Dark Heat Transfer Paper, A+B Paper (Each for 100 Sheets)
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LASER DARK No-Cut Heat Transfer Paper
This Self-Weeding 2-Paper-System gives amazing and consistent results:Transfer white and light colors onto black, dark, and light-colored garments, including cotton, polyester, and blends, as well as paper/carton and book covers, with an Oki 711 White Toner Printer and Laser-Dark Paper. This media also works extremely well for transferring solid dark-color designs from an Oki 800 series CMYK printer.

Transparent print media for exact positioning
Low processing temper ature (155C-165C, 311F-329F)
Extremely high wash fastness due to a special top-coating
Higher white cover and stronger full-tone colors
High processing tolerance, especially when separating A&B papers
Suitable for OKI White Toner and CMYK Printers

How to process:
1. Print on A paper Select laser printers with white toner, use vector file, such as AI,CDR,EPS,mirror image mode, if the pattern is white, please check “Enable white”.
2. Transfer B paper(coated surface) to A paper
Place A paper on the platen with the printing side facing up, place B paper on A paper it coated side facing down, make sure the pattern is completely covered by B paper, you can put a piece of scrip in the blank corner between A and B, it is for next easier separation. Temperature: 160-170℃, Time: 90s, heavy pressure (according to the different heat press machines.) After transfer, wait for a while, then separate B from A when hot in a uniform motion.
Note: Be sure to separate A from B when it is hot. We recommended you to perform directly on the silicone pad of your heat press machine.Cut off the white excess on the edges.
3. Transfer the pattern of A paper to the t-shirt. Temperature: 165 ℃, Time: 15-20s. When finish, please take out the t-shirt and place it on a flat surface, remove A paper slowly and carefully when cold. You can heat press again for 3-5 seconds for the firmness and washability.

Notes Before Transfer:
1. Mirror printing, vector picture.
2.Color images can use ordinary laser color printer, if the image contains white must use OKIc711wt or OKI941 printer.
3. Use hot press to operate, parameter range: 160-175 degrees, 60-90s, medium or medium heavy pressure.
4. After B to A transfer, even speed and horizonal hot peeling 5-10s to complete.
5.A to cloth transfer printing, after the end of heat pressing, cold peeling.
6.After the transfer, cover the image on the T-shirt with silicone paper and heat press it for 5~10s to increase the color and firmness of the image.
7. Read the instructions before transferring.

Washing Instructions:
1.Do not wash within 48 hours after transferring.
2.Wash the clothes inside out before wearing, do not rub the image too hard.
3. Do not use bleach or alkaline detergent to wash.
4. Do not dry clean, do not tumble dry, just let dry naturally.
5. Do not soak in water for a long time, otherwise the image color may run.
6.The washing machine is fully automatic, should use cold water, cleaning time should be less than 40 minutes.

Size: A3-16.5" X 11.7"(420mm×297mm)
Systems: A paper+B paper, A film+B paper
Packing: 100 sets / pack, one set including A+B paper
Packing Size: 12.2"x17"x2.2" (310x430x55mm) / pack
G.W.: 10lbs (4.5kgs) / pack

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