350 Desktop Thermal Roll Laminator for A3/A4 UV Dtf Film

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350 Desktop Thermal Roll Laminator for A3/A4 UV Dtf Film
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350 Desktop Thermal Roll Laminator for A3/A4 UV Dtf Film

350-DL thermal roll laminator series has got to be one of the most popular laminators, and once you own one you'll know why. A very robust yet affordable laminating machine, giving professional laminating results..


Model  FMJ-350-DL
Feed width  350mm
Paper thickness  1.2mm
Roller lifting  Electric
Laminating speed  150cm/min
Heating method  interior heating
Voltage  110V
Packing Size  645 x 370 x 335mm (25.4" x 14.6" x 13.2")
Gross Weight  15kg (33lb)


Keys are responsive and durable
Simple & convenient, read-friendly layout, clear instruction.
Display with backlight Colors differ according to heating status.

This laminate machine has unique design on the fastern of the roller.
Clip with built-in spring pressure block is convenient for loading and locked the media shaft.
Clip-locked offering a stable resistance to the media shaft while rotating.

Turn-able platform on this A3/A4 pouch laminator is installation-friendly for change material and cleaning rollers.
Inner Magnetic suction ensures gap-control tight strictly and without jiggling after locked.
Locking feedback is clear. Making this thermal laminator all just right.
Intelligent media-inspection system
Self-starting with media & self-stopping without media
Help users improving working efficiency.

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